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Project Ramadan || Building Baskets, Building Bridges

Help feed the need! For $50, you can provide families with healthy, staple grocery items.

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Project Ramadan is an operating division of the Muslim Welfare Centre of Toronto: Registration # 89733-1732-RR-0001

How it works

  • Buy supplies

    We shop around for the best price on food items to keep baskets low in cost, but high in value. With help from our founding partner, the Muslim Welfare Centre, Project Ramadan buys in bulk - before fundraising officially kicks off - so baskets are ready posthaste! Have a connection that could help source supplies? Contact us.

  • Raise money

    Calling all donors - we need you! Your gift of $50 means those in need have direct access to items like rice, flour, canned goods and so much more. More than 10,000 Torontonians aren't sure where there next meal is coming from - let's change that together. Want to make a difference? Donate today.

  • Build baskets!

    Here's the fun part - each summer, hundreds of volunteers come together to make baskets, make friends, and above all, make a difference. With every minute of Project Ramadan time volunteered, we can focus resources on what we do best: building baskets, and building bridges. Join us - learn more about volunteering!

How can you help?

  • Donate

    For $50, you'll ensure an individual or family has enough on the table. So skip the coffee, brown bag a lunch and donate a basket to those in need - we can't thank you enough.

  • Volunteer

    Roll up your sleeves, don a healthy dose of sunblock, and build baskets! Can't attend a build? Flyer your local hangout for us - we'll provide the paper if you provide the selfies to prove it.

  • Spread the Word

    Help us get the word out! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and there's always good, old fashioned talking about us to your family and friends - we're cool if you do it through text, though.